Brace Back for Repeated Sciatica (AirLOMB Integrale Belt, Mary)

Published on 2014-11-24

"Suffering from sciatica repeatedly (posterior pinching of L4-L5 disc) + sequelae of fractures of the vertebral body D 10 and D 11 (vertebral), I wish to know if wearing your Air LOMB belt relieve me 'as far as I'm bent. [...] I have to wear a belt but can bear as it is rigid. thanking you in advance for any information that you will give me. "</p>
<p>Then two weeks later:</p>
<p>"Further to our telephone conversation of November 3rd, I received yesterday the Air LOMB belt INTEGRALE. I wore during my activities in the afternoon and put it back this morning. And I can assure you that I am very satisfied [...] I want to thank you for their diligence in this matter and I will not fail to talk about me and brag about the Air LOMB belt."

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