Back Brace and Sciatica (AirLOMB Integrale Belt, Francis)

Published on 2014-11-24

"For months I have suffered from sciatica which handicaps me in my work. I am 59 years old and work as a security agent. I work 12 hours a day, 14 days a month. I spend from 10 to 11 hours a day sitting and have then to drive home for 22 miles. When I get back home my left leg is all stiff and this lasts for about 30 minutes. At night when I turn around in bed the pain is back."</p>
<p><em>And then some weeks later, after he bought an Integrale Air LOMB belt:</em></p>
<p>"I am really delighted with your Air LOMB. Thanks a lot, it is really wonderful and since I have it I feel absolutely no pain anymore!"

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