Lumbar belt, Spinal Disc Herniation and Biker (AirLOMB Integrale Belt, Frederic)

Published on 2014-11-24

"I have had a spinal disc hernation L4/L5 since 1991. When I have sciatica attacks, I wear a back belt, purchased from a pharmacy. A few months ago, I discovered AirLomb thanks to a friend. Thanks to the Integral AirLOMB model, I feel really better. This belt is effective and comfortable. The lumbar support can be adjusted very easily, + or – strong, according to the pain and the circumstances (exercise or rest). The belt is plain. I wear it under a shirt at the office. Nobody noticed the belt. When I drive, I wear the belt very easily. I was not in pain after 4 hours of driving. Idem when I drive my motorboat: my back is well protected. I tested the belt during the “Route du Rhum” competition. I drove 4 hours, including 1 hour behind the boat Groupama, with a speed of 20/22 knots (30 miles per hour). I didn’t have any backache at the end of this unforgettable day... except my children who were not wearing the Integral AirLOMB belt. I am also a biker. I drive 13 000 to 14 000 kms per year. When I’m driving, especially during the winter, the belt is very comfortable: the air in the tubes is really insulating. I recommend this belt to all the bikers, even if they have a sturdy spine. The comfort, the heat and the support are incomparable."

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