Lumbar Belt for Sciatica and Herniated Disc (AirLOMB L4L5S1 Belt, Frederic)

Published on 2014-11-24

"Hello, I have known AirLOMB after a serious problem of herniated disc. I had been suffering from a recurring sciatica for 3 months and had to get a treatment with morphine. I did not what to do anymore and I have discovered AirLOMB . I ordered on the website and tried it ; I sincerely would like to thank you because now I just use the belt to relieve me one hour per week or when I have to make a big effort. The belt enabled to cure the herniated discs. I got back to work like before. I had bought a belt INTEGRALE. I have recommended the belt to three persons Lydie XXX, Frederic XXX and Jean Francois XXX that have expressed the same results. I am 100% ambassador. Once again many thanks. Frederic."

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