Double Spinal Disc Herniation with Cruralgia (AirLOMB INTEGRALE, Paul)

Published on 2015-06-22

"After a double spinal disc hernation, I had a painful cruralgia. Taking some anti-inflammatory / analgesic drugs, I bought an elastic lumbar belt at the drugstore, as indicated on my prescription. But the belt was effective only when it was extremely tight. I couldn’t sit or walk easily. This conventional belt was very embarrassing. A friend recommended me the Integral AirLOMB belt. I noticed two things. First I can sit and walk without any problem, thanks to the inner tubes. Second, I didn’t have this sensation of ankylosis. The air is really insulating. So it’s plainer, more effective, adjustable (the inflation is ingeniously flexible). I was fed up: now my lumbar vertebrae are free and protected. I was greatly relieved."

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