Lumbar support for Spondylolisthesis (AirLOMB L4L5S1 Belt, Isabelle)

Published on 2014-11-24

"I had to go for spinal surgery. I suffered too much and no therapy (traditional elastic belts, drugs, physiotherapy) could help me. I had surgery for a spondylolisthesis and I have an arthrodesis between the vertebrae L4 and L5. This morning, I tested the belt for the vertebrae L4, L5 and S1. I can tell you that it’s very effective and comfortable. Finally! A good belt, which doesn’t roll onto the abdomen! After one day, I feel better. The use of the removable manual rubber-bulb inflator is very easy. Thank you A LOT for this AirLOMB L4L5S1 model. I feel so much better!"

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