MD with Chronic Low Back Pain (AirLOMB L4L5S1 Belt, Ian)

Published on 2014-12-18

"Hello, I bought a L4L5S1 AirLomb belt a few days ago. I am an MD, 36 years old and have been in pain for two years. Sometimes pain is acute. The MRI shows a discrete L5–S1 disc pinching. Sick leave, injections, osteopath, physiotherapist, elastic lumbar support... The improvement was VERY slow, VERY progressive and... incomplete! Sometimes I’m in pain and I have to be careful all the time, which is psychologically tiring. Thank you for your efforts and the progress you made. A few days later: Thank you very much for the attention and the consideration you give to your customers. Your piece of advice helped me to adjust AirLomb belt. [...] It is also very lightweight and plain. So many qualities compared to the conventional lumbar supports: heavy, cumbersome, suffocating and painful. I’m very satisfied with this AirLOMB belt. I feel good. When I take the belt off, some pains appear. But I know I’m going to feel better and better. The belt will also improve the interdiscal space. One more time, thank you for your professionalism."

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