Lumbar brace and Lumbago (AirLOMB L4L5S1 Belt, Josue)

Published on 2014-11-24

"I discovered AirLOMB surfing the internet, by chance. I was looking for lumbar belts. I was taking a lot of drugs (NSAI and relaxant) and I was seeing my osteopath very often. I was surprised by all the testimonials and the “satisfied or refunded” guarantee. So I ordered the L4L5S1 AirLOMB belt. The explications on the website helped me to choose the right model. I use the AirLOMB for long walks, when I’m working or driving. I also use the belt when I’m in pain again. I’m 100% convinced of its effectiveness. A long walk in Paris is not a problem anymore. My wife and my children are delighted! I recommend the AirLOMB belt without hesitation. My advice: don’t stop the production of your belts!!! Its changed my life."

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