Lumbar Osteoarthritis, back support AirLOMB INTEGRALE (John)

Published on 2015-02-02

"I received my Integral AirLOMB belt on September 10th. I’m very satisfied. Immediately I felt better. At lunch I didn’t have to take my anti-inflammatory pill, called “Profenid 100”. All the afternoon, I walked without my walking-stick. I can walk easily and freely. I will keep you informed of the evolution of my current treatment [...]. I've already spoke a lot about AirLOMB and advised your website. Thanks.” 

A few weeks later: 

“I still feel this well-being and relief. I recommend wearig it in the morning, before setting feet on the ground. I continue of course my medical treatment, but wearing the AirLOMB belt allows me to perform a walk of 0,8 mile instead of 0.2 mile in the past. I advised my friends to wear it. My doctor asked me to pass him the info. Thanks again."

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