Back support for Lumbago, Herniated Spinal Disc (AirLOMB L5S1 Belt, Akila)

Published on 2014-11-24

"I have just discovered your website and would like to know what model of belt to try. My problem is the following: recurring sciatica for several years without discovery of clear herniated disc with a peak of pain in April 2011, I also suffer from lumbago when I make wrong movements. Infltrations don't relieve me much (I had 4 over the last 3 months without convincing results). I then consulted a chiropractor and there, total disappearance of pain after the second session for 5 days, the 3rd session failed to keep this miraculous result. My research on the net led me to your website this morning. Also, I hasten to write to you and ask if you think I would need the Integrale model or the other one that covers the area L5S1? If I am not satisfied with the first one, can I order the other easily? Thank you for your attention and I look forward to reading from you soon. "And then a few weeks later</p>
<p>"The ordered belt, L5S1, was delivered to me within 48 hours, just as expected (France). Before receiving the AirLOMB belt I had tried several solutions: Physiotherapy, infiltration of cortisone, sessions with a chiropractor, soles, analgesics... I took the model AirLOMB L5 S1, because this is where my pain settled. I use it when I am travelling mainly and if I have to make specific movements (to do the housework for instance...) Its efficiency is outstanding, within a few hours I felt an obvious improvement whis regard to my pain, a kind of wellness I had not experienced since long. I systematically recommend it to my relatives who complain of their back. For that matter I ordered a belt for one of them and it is his turn now to spread the word about it around him..."

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