Lumbar belt for back pain airlomb L4L5S1 (Horst - Germany)

Published on 2015-05-13

  • Lumbar belt for back pain airlomb L4L5S1 (Horst - Germany)

Hello "Airlomb", thank you very much. The pumps were here in a few days. Thank you for the extra pump. It is good to have it, because I bought, I think, already 7 airlomb belts for me and my friends. This is a good opportunity to say some words about the belts. There is nothing else of such a high quality and usefulness what you could buy in Germany. The inflatable belt is something special! I and my airlomb belt - we are almost every day together for 2 or 3 hours, especially when I am working in the garden, mounting my garden house, or carrying my beer baskets and other heavy things. My back pain improved very much, although at my age of 83 years you could rather expect a worsening of back pain. Of course, the air belt is not the only way I am using to improve my health. Two years ago my vitamin D-level was very low, only 18 ng/ml. Since I make a therapy with relatively high doses of vitamin D. Soon my health improved considerably, my back too. But still I suffered from pain. With my airlomb belt my pain improved even more during a period of 2-3 weeks. May be, my situation now is due to vitamin D AND the air belt. I think that here is nothing bad about it. On the contrary, under the northern and cloudy sky European people are poor in vitamin D. The reason of the back pain may be not only the result of vitamin D deficiency. As a specific way to improve my back the air belt appeared to be of high value. I can recommend it to all people suffering from back pain, although the reason of back pain could be different. Do not forget to take advise of your doctor.

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